Trials of Independent Bookselling, Part 378

Today I received this letter. It explains itself. I’m sharing it with you with the author’s name redacted because his apology seems, to me, to be sincere. It’s a tough world for us independents.

Dear Independent Bookstore,

Yesterday I sent you an e-mail marketing my book to you. Thoughtlessly, I pitched for you to buy my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble – two outlets I realize do not usually go over well with independent stores.

For this I simply wanted to apologize. As a socially thoughtful author I went with a small North American publisher because they print local and plant trees for books sold. In my book I also encourage youth to buy local as a means to decrease the demand for slave labor. Anyways, not being a marketing genius, it was a mistake, I am sorry, and the book can obviously be bought straight from the distributor as well.

I also misspelled two words so you might be happy to know I have been riddled with a strong sense of idiocy all morning as punishment!

Thank you,

[The Author]

p.s. If you have ideas on how I can get more books into Independent stores like yours I am all ears because I would far prefer supporting local community shops.

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