One Best Way

I received the letter below tonight in my e-mail. I’m not sure exactly how I got on the mailing list, but it is the first time I’ve seen the indiegogo Website used for this purpose.

But there’s one best way to make sure your village, town, or city remains one with an independent bookstore. Buy books from them. It’s really that simple.

Indies now have elegant e-book solutions, whether you want to read on your tablet (including iPads), your computer, your phone, or on a dedicated reader. We offer online purchasing (some nice discounts, too), in-store browsing and special ordering, textbook rental, e-books – even books available only in the U.K.

There’s really no reason NOT to buy from a local independent bookseller and if I were in Cambridge, I assure you I’d be doing what I could to support Lorem Ipsum, the bookstore in need below.

I won’t be doing what these folks are doing. I won’t beg. If things go as badly for us as they appear to be going for this Massachusetts bookstore, one day we just won’t be here anymore. It could happen here. It could happen to you.

That’s something to remember every day when you make your buying choices. Are your purchases funding a golden parachute or stock options for an executive in Seattle, Minneapolis, New York or Berlin? Did the chief financial officer in Bentonville just volunteer with your local charity?

We all have shops and restaurants we love. We all have seen loved stores disappear, seemingly from one week to the next. But disappearing stores and restaurants don’t get that way in a week or a month. The good independents, in fact, do everything in their power to keep going, if only because they can’t cut back to 900, 90, or 9 stores. Most are 100% invested in YOUR community.

So tomorrow, when you buy what you have to buy, when you eat what you have to eat, when you go where you have to go, think of those independent businesses who have served you satisfactorily before and check to see if they are still there. And if they are, buy something.



Times are tough for book lovers and bookstore owners, we all know that. Well, one bookstore needs any help you can give right now, or it’s going to be forced to close its doors forever.

Lorem Ipsum Books is a gem of a bookstore, tucked away in Inman Square in Cambridge, MA. With its quirky selection of used books, and its role as a gathering place for book lovers, music-makers and cultural enthusiasts, it’s been a wonderful addition to the community.

Well, this is really difficult for me to say… but yesterday we had to face the sad possibility of having to close the bookstore forever. That’s why I’m reaching out to you, my friends and fellow book lovers, to see if you will help us keep the bookstore from dying.

And here’s why you should REALLY care about this one: Lorem Ipsum has also been working to find ways to make bookstores EVERYWHERE survive through recent tech advancements. We firmly believe that although Kindles have a place in our lives, so do books and bookstores. We want to keep all bookstores open by embracing technology, not running away from it. See our video to see what we’ve been doing to help bookstores lately:

You can click below to watch the video we made to show you how much Lorem Ipsum means to us, what it’s all about, and why you should help keep this bookstore open for the next 10 years. If you can’t give, please share our message.

I bet you know LOTS of people who love bookstores, please help spread the word before it’s too late. If you care but can’t contribute, please share our story on Facebook and your other social networks. It doesn’t take much effort, but it can mean a lot.

It’s literally now or never with this bookstore!!! Thank you, thank you book lovers!

Wife of Matt, Owner of Lorem Ipsum Books


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