We Get Letters: Not TMI

This came in today from Michael Norris, one of the preeminent researchers in the book world. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Dear Bookseller,

I’m starting through the responses to the new e-book survey that has already been completed by, as of today, 28 or your colleagues, and wanted to issue my usual reminder to fill it the brief survey as soon as you have a few moments.  

I also wanted to tell you that every day I’m being reminded that ‘the future of reading’ is a continuous process rather than a ‘new’ gadget or piece of software. In the hopes of using it to buy e-books from some of you, I bought a Sony Reader PRS-300 from Radio Shack yesterday that was on clearance for $49.97. When I turned it on, the introductory page displayed something along the lines of ‘thank you for purchasing the future of reading…start your experience now by…’

It won’t take or keep a charge. Four hours, nothing. Overnight, nothing. That ‘future of reading’ page may be the only page I ever read on the thing.

I had known the Pocket Edition was discontinued by Sony late last year, but when I checked the tiny print on the box it read ‘2009’ which tells me that time hasn’t been kind. However, the 90-year old copy of The Boy Mechanic, Book III on my shelf at home still works, so I think an airtight case can be made that ‘the future of reading’ has to have a print component no matter what the iPad3, 4 or 56 looks like. 

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