Who would you give books to, if you could?

Want to be part of a million-book giveaway? To volunteer to change a life? You can, as part of World Book Night, on April 23, 2012

A deadline for signing up is imminent – February 6 – but give us a moment to explain what this is all about.

World Book Night is a campaign to find light or non-readers in the community and hand them each a book.


It was started in the U.K. last year, and it is coming to our shores on April 23, 2012 – Shakespeare birthday, not coincidentally – as well!

The World Book Night organization is printing hundreds of thousands of special free paperback editions, and they are looking for thousands of volunteers to go out on April 23 and give books out across America. To get more people reading. You pick the place: hospital or diner, school or … well, lots of possibilities. Be creative.

Sign up by February 6 to be a book giver on World Book Night! Please go the website to read up on its mission, the books you can choose from to give away, and some rules and regulations. All you need to become a giver is a little time, a love of books, and the desire to give something to your community.

Think about where you’d like to give away the books before you go online to apply. And thank you! We love this idea and we will be your community center for World Book Night support.


Destinations Booksellers will be one of hundreds of bookstores across the country serving as depots for these books and we know our readers have the volunteer spirit to spread their love of books. All you’ll have to do is sign up, choose your book, and pick up a box of them on April 23. Look into it.


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2 responses to “Who would you give books to, if you could?

  1. Myra Craig

    This is a super-duper idea! I’m signing up for it right now!!
    Thanks Randy and Ann!


  2. I am delighted that Destinations will be a pickup center, and look forward to participating in this program. Thanks, Randy!

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