Fresh Greens, Herbs, at Destinations on Thursday

Michelle Finn has put together a great program (especially needed this winter) for in-town delivery of fresh, hydroponic greens and herbs – and Destinations Booksellers is happy to be the host for these deliveries.

While this is an independent venture by Michelle, we’re thrilled to be putting our kitchen space to use again. Ann and I are on board with the program and while most of the produce is going to those who pre-order, Michelle is bringing extra – she even picked up 3 new customers last time out.

This will be only the 2nd time for these deliveries, currently scheduled for every other week. However, we’re urging her to boost this to weekly deliveries.

Try to come down on Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. and see what it’s all about. Then, you can place your orders up to one day before the next delivery.

Oh, yes. We’ve also arranged for fresh local eggs to be made available concurrently. I know I’m going to eat well this winter!

And you should know this – nothing about the price of this food will scare you off and you can purchase what you need and want, clean and ready to eat!

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One response to “Fresh Greens, Herbs, at Destinations on Thursday

  1. Terry & Randall Lynch

    We are interested in being on your mailing list for fresh produce and possibly participating as we have a farm in New Albany. We will be having our own fresh eggs soon and vegetables in the summer.

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