Now in Paperback: 2010’s best

You know who you are. You won’t pay hardcover prices and are willing to wait until “next year” for the paperback. If so, then I’m your huckleberry.

Justin Cronin’s The Passage was, in my estimation, one of the best books of 2010. Destined to be the first in a sprawling trilogy, The Passage envisions a near-future where military scientists lose control of a genetic experiment, putting the future of humanity at stake.

OK. It sounds like a B-movie, but in Cronin’s capable hands, the book approaches the level of masterpiece, providing readers with an engrossing tale whose characters you can’t help but care about.

The big news is that I have a limited supply of autographed copies of a book I (and Andy) recommended highly last year, but now in a more affordable paperback edition.

Come by and I’ll tell you more. Our children’s hardcover picture book sale continues (see Thursday’s post), too, so now is a great time to buy for all the kids in your life – sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, or even your local school.

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