Maybe (just maybe) not everyone likes to read

Readers of this blog will surely recognize the sentiments in the linked essay. Even if you’re not a writer, you have experienced this very same frustration.

The Eighth (and Biggest) Book Marketing Mistake: Assuming Everyone Likes to Read

Of course, there was the possibility that my book was boring. Hence I would ask, “Did my book put you to sleep, did you give up a few pages after starting?” The answer would be, “No, honestly, I just haven’t started.” This was getting me nowhere. Were they lying to protect my feelings, or were they telling me an underlying truth, a truth I couldn’t comprehend?

I started pushing deeper: “Come on, tell me. I can handle it. What’s the real problem?” I would probe. After a few of these awkward conversations, I finally had the truth: “Actually, it’s not just your book in particular, but um, ah, honestly speaking, I just don’t like reading books.



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  1. This applies to marketing in general. If consumers 9or the target audience) have a very different set of priorities and desires than you do, you can’t possibly succeed until you can put yourself in their shoes and see the world as they see it.

    Those of us who have a passion for reading are usually mystified buy those who don’t. It’s only when we are content to remain mystified that we lose opportunities.

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